Okay, so the fact that Sammy and Raffy aren't returning wasn't exactly a newsflash, but I just checked out the Sun article referred to in the O' article, and I found this little tidbit far more interesting...

One intriguing possibility is Garciaparra, a former All-Star shortstop who has battled injuries.

Flanagan said he has not had specific discussions about Garciaparra and the Orioles, "but we have been told he'd be willing to try other positions."

One American League observer believes Garciaparra could be a solid defensive first baseman.

Nomar, an O? That's an interesting idea. Ok, now I'll admit I believe I was quoted two or three years ago as saying "If I had to watch that man tug on his batting gloves every day I'd kill myself!", but he was with the Red Sox then. He might be a nice addition... Does anybody (Sara, our resident Cub fan?) know how he did last year after returning from his injury?

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September 6, 2005: O's vs. Toronto: 10th Anniversary of 2131 at Camden Yards

Cal signs autographs for the masses.

Cal meets with some kids who were born in 1995, the year he broke Lou Gehrig's record.

The Ripken clan, from behind. From left to right: brother Fred, sister Elly, brother Bill, momma Vi, (son Ryan's there but you can't see him), daughter Rachel, Jim Hunter, Cal, and wife Kelly.

Cal throws out the first pitch.

Miggy and Cal (doesn't Miggy look like a shrimp next to him?)

Speaking of shrimp, Brian shows some love.

Brian says "I can't stand here all day, I've got a game to play!"

They played the video of the national anthem from September 6, 1995, which was pretty cool.

This is more a picture of Brian's hair than anything else.

I don't know this baby, but how CUTE is he?!

Middle of the fifth, the game becomes official and we recreate history...

Do you think I can convince people I was there the first time?

Cal watches, sorry it's fuzzy.

Oh yeah, there was a game, too! Here's the debut of the Big Guy.

O's win!! Let's Dance!!

 ....and end with a firm embrace.

September 5, 2005: O's vs. Toronto

BJ Ryan, Josh Towers, and Gregg Zaun (two former Birds and a future former Bird) yack it up before the game.

John Maine.

Senor Tejada.


Brian leads it off...

...and singles! (the first of three on the day for him)

Hey, how you doin'?

Miggy at the plate.

Jay at the plate.

Stranded baserunners. Oy.




BJ. (Notice the lack of photos of baserunners!)

Brian looks in the dugout and says "Can you believe he called THAT a strike?!"

RoLo and his 'do during "God Bless America."

August 28, 2005: O's vs. Oakland

BJ Ryan.

Tim Byrdak.

Geena Davis, as the President of The United States, throwing out the first pitch.

Oh my God, how does he do that? Ow!!

That's all for now!

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BRob Outside Pitch Cover

Here's the cover of the new Outside Pitch, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet:

Now seriously, couldn't they find a smiling picture? Doesn't he look like he's listening to Bruce Chen try to explain how to chart pitches? "Dude, what are you talking about?"


Pictures Of Brian that Make Me Laugh...

Sure, he's leading the AL in hitting. He hits game winning homeruns to beat the Yankees. He makes amazing plays at second base. Of course he visits sick children in hospitals regularly. But this is a reminder of all the other reasons we love Brian Roberts and his scrappy, undersized, cornball, sometimes too-adorable-for-words self.

I present you with the lighter side of BRob:

I swear he's not the batboy in this picture! Maybe it was "bring your shrimpy friend to the ballpark" night!

This is from Fuji Photo Day in 2003; I just think he's got an especially cheese-bally grin on his frace; makes me giggle.

...out by a nose. 


Raffy turns him into a lifesized bobblehead doll...

Pregame hoedown! Or he's about to high-kick Jorge Julio. Either way, I'm all for it!

Two of our best players, showing how cool they really are! (Either that, or this is what happens when you high-five a guy three times your size!)

Whoa, looks like it was a rough bus ride...

And finally, just for fun:

This one doesn't make me laugh so much as make me squeal with delight. Although, it does kind of look like he & Mel are about to make out. But who would blame them after a walk-off homerun to beat the Yankees to end a six game skid?

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My Trip To Pittsburgh and Cincinnati

My father and I recently followed the O's on one of their roadtrips. We saw them play in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati; check out the pictures!

June 8, 2005: Baltimore Orioles at Pittsburgh Pirates

PNC Park


Holy Cow! It's Brian without sleeves! (This was him finishing up a workout before the game; he was still nursing his sore shoulder.)

This is Luis watching some live pitching from Rodrigo in the bullpen; he was still out with his finger injury.

These are during batting/fielding practice before the game. Here's Kliner (and his mouth!)

Hayden Penn:

Erik Bedard:

BRob signs some autographs. Check it out! Glove-on-head and short pants!!

Perogie Races! (As far as the game went, this was the highlight of the night for O's fans.)

June 10, 2005: Baltimore Orioles at Cincinnati Reds

Great American Ball Park

The view from the press box (this was during one of the ballpark tours.)

The view (or lack of) from the Reds' dugout:

There was no BP today, but I still got some nics shots before the game. Here's The Chief:

Rodrigo Lopez:

Ramone Nivar (we hardly knew ya!):

Sam-my! Sam-my!

Cincinnati Mascots: Mr. Red and Gapper:

Excited to finally be back in the lineup, Brian Roberts dances a jig with John Parrish...

I don't what the story is with the dorky high-five BRob and BJ Ryan do before every game, but I finally got a picture of it:

As for the game, Melvin homers!

O's Win! Let's Dance!

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